Edgehill Bike Club donates bike to the kids for Christmas

Edgehill Bike Club
Posted at 3:35 PM, Dec 24, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WTVF) — It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas for the children living in Nashville's Edgehill Apartments.

The goal was to make sure every child opens a gift on Christmas, and that Christmas wish came true on Friday.

Christmas came one day early for the kids when they received wrapped presents and even brand new or gentle used bicycles thanks to the Edgehill Bike Club.

"All we do is come out here and help these kids out by giving a Christmas gift and we take bike rides all over the neighborhood and hand out to the kids who normally don't get a Christmas this year," said Terry Key.

Key is the founder of the Edgehill Bike Club. His mission is to donate bikes to the neighborhood kids.

At 10 years strong, he says it's designed to makes sure these kids have a smooth ride to success.

He started with him changing his lifestyle and doing something positive for the community.

"I said there’s one of two things I can do," said Key, "I can go back off into this street life or I make a difference so, I ended up making a difference."

For a decade now Key has taught the keys how to repairs bikes and ride them.

"It gets real special each year because I get to see the kids grow. I get to see the kids ride bikes with me and learn and just have a good time and to enjoy our Christmas event."

Key joined with other community members to make this day special for the kids.

"The the kids in Edgehill are special. I mean, they see a lot of stuff that is unfortunate and crime in the area. So,
it's important to see them smile and it’s important that they have gifts to open on Christmas and the bicycles, I mean that's something that they own and it’s very personal," said Lou Wilbanks.

After the kids received their bikes, Key took them for a ride around the neighborhood.