1 Charged With Assault After Punching Principal

Posted at 10:09 AM, Mar 10, 2016

A woman was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly punching an elementary school principal.

The incident happened Monday at Taylor Stratton Elementary School.

According to reports, the victim, Principal Renita J. Perkins, said the suspect’s child was having problems with another child on the school bus. Perkins said she spoke with the children and told them to stay away from each other, otherwise they would no longer be allowed to ride the bus.

The suspect, identified as Ericka M. Harris, allegedly went into the school’s office and demanded to speak with Perkins.

Perkins said Harris asked if the principal had yelled at her child. When Perkins told Harris she had sternly talked to Harris’ child, Harris told Perkins she wasn’t allowed to yell at her child.

That’s when Perkins told Harris she wasn’t allowed to tell her how to run her school.

Reports stated that’s when Harris allegedly punched Perkins under her left eye before throwing a diary book with a metal lock attached, hitting Perkins in the left hand.

Witnesses in the office saw the incident, which was also captured by a security camera.

Police said Perkins had slight redness under her left eye. She also had redness and swelling on her left hand.

Harris was charged with assault, bodily injury. She has since bonded out of jail.