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School Patrol: Career Day Held For Rosebank Elementary Students

Posted at 6:33 PM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 19:33:03-04

Even though most students were counting down the days before summer break began, students at Rosebank Elementary School were getting a glimpse of their potential futures.

The school held a career day for the young students, believing that you're never too young to think about what you'd like to be when you get older.

Among those who spoke to the students was SRO Head Sgt. Bonita Blue who told the students that police do more than just arrest the bad guys. They also show up when people need their help.

Award-winning artist James Threalkill brought several pieces of his artwork and talked of how he knew in first grade that he'd become an artist.

Basketball great Michael Jackson told the kids of his extensive career, which began at Stratford High and ended with a tour of the NBA. He encouraged them to "dream, believe, and excel."

The students were all very receptive, with some even telling NewsChannel 5's Vicki Yates they want to "do TV news."