School Patrol: Neon Mobile Cafe

LEBANON, Tenn. - In the Lebanon Special School District, children look forward to taking the bus, but not just any
school bus, it's the Neon Mobile Cafe and Classroom!

NewsChannel 5 caught up with the bus at Winfree Bryant Middle school, but it visits six schools every six weeks.

The district has retrofitted a school bus, to be used as a place for children to get a good meal in the 
summer when many of them don't get the school's free lunch, and once school is in session, the students get to do some of their school work on the bus.

The desks and the decor are designed to encourage the students to work together and they do, 
playing card games to help with math skills..reading books with "whisper phones" that allows them
to read aloud without bothering classmates..and having snack time..accompanied by teachers.

The bus is supported not only by the school district, and but also by Second Harvest and Emmanuel Baptist Church and the Federal Government, which provides food for the students in summer.

It's been so successful, that a second bus has been commissioned.

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