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School Patrol: Students Investigate The Weather

Posted at 8:22 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-18 21:22:36-04

The fourth grade students at University School of Nashville have been intrigued with the weather. That fact made teacher Lauren Gage decide to encourage them to investigate.

Each student did research on their own and then, with a team, looked at elements such as hurricanes, wildfires, tsunamis, and, something unfortunately common to Middle Tennessee, tornadoes.

They had to come up with different demonstrations of the elements, from water bottles filled with glitter and water pushed by a hair dryer, to lighting leaves on fire and preparing a tray of Jello with marshmallows.

They also had to have more facts presented on a poster board and did their own weather forecasts using the school's green screen to become meteorologists.

It was an eye opening and fun experience for the students who did the demonstrations all over again the next day at their science fair.