Elderly Woman's New Home Burglarized 2 Weeks After She Moved In

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jun 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-01 23:23:15-04

The newly rebuilt home of an elderly Clarksville woman was burglarized just a couple weeks after she moved back in.

Jeanette Hapiuk is 70-years-old but she had no plans of slowing down soon.

During the Summer she sells fruit and vegetables in Clarksville, in the Spring she sells plants and flowers and in the winter, "make ends meet in winter time," she said. 

A few years ago Hapiuk went to the city for help with her home and applied for the Community Development Block Grant, a federal program which she qualified for. Two weeks ago she was given the keys to her newly built home.

However, when she arrived home earlier this week what began as a proud moment turned south. "I was worried," said Hapiuk. 

When she stopped home Monday afternoon she noticed her front door was slightly open. When she opened her door she saw the damage caused by someone kicking in her door. 

"I would've given them almost anything," she said. 

The criminal or criminals took Jeanette's tablet and prescription medication, they left everything else. "My DVD player plays cassettes, ok," Hapiuk laughed. 

She can joke about it now but admits when it happened her first thoughts were of her dogs, Angel and Buddy. "That's the only blessing I have," she said. 

Generous community members have offered to help install surveillance cameras and a new door for her, offers she is gladly accepting.

"Let them try and kick in a steal door," Hapiuk said.