Trump attacks Harris, repeatedly calls her a 'monster' during Fox Business interview

Trump attacks Harris, repeatedly calls her a 'monster' during Fox Business interview
Posted at 9:03 AM, Oct 08, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During a Thursday morning phone interview, President Donald Trump attacked Sen. Kamala Harris, repeatedly calling her a "monster." He also called her a "communist," which she is not.

Trump went after the Democratic vice-presidential nominee after telling Fox Business that he wouldn’t participate in next week’s presidential debate if it’s virtual,

Trump said he thought Harris performed terribly in Wednesday night’s debate with Vice President Mike Pence.

“She was terrible, she was, uh, I don’t think you could get worse, and totally unlikeable, and she is,” Trump claimed. “She’s a communist. She’s left of Bernie. She’s rated left of Bernie by everyone. She’s a communist.”

During the long and rambling interview, Trump said multiple times that if Biden wins the election, he won’t last longer than two months.

“We’re going to have a communist and she’s going to be, in my opinion, within a month, look, I stood next to Joe and I looked at Joe. Joe’s not lasting two months as president, OK that’s my opinion. He’s not going to be lasting two months,” Trump said.

Though Trump has been caught lying thousands of times throughout his presidency, he called Harris a liar during the interview. He claimed she wasn’t telling the truth when she said a Biden administration wouldn’t ban fracking in the U.S.

“And this monster that was on stage with Mike Pence, who destroyed her last night by the way, but this monster, she says no, no, there won’t be fracking, there won’t be this,” Trump said. “Everything she says is a lie.”

Biden has said repeatedly that he doesn’t support an outright ban on fracking, but would rather bar the issuance of new permits for any form of drilling for oil and natural gas on federal land.

“Fracking has to continue because we need a transition,” Biden told CNN during a town hall last month. “We’re going to get to net zero emissions by 2050 and we’ll get to net zero power emission by 2035. But there’s no rational to eliminate, right now, fracking.”

Trump, who is still battling the coronavirus after testing positive last week, said he hasn’t been tested recently, he’s “essentially very clean.” He also claimed to be the “perfect physical specimen.”