Elephant sanctuary honored, featured on new 'Forever Stamp'

Posted at 6:07 PM, Aug 14, 2022

HOHENWALD, Tenn. (WTVF) — Every year, the United State Postal Service honors a stamp that it calls "Forever." Forever Stamps are stamps that can be used to mail First Class letters no matter what the postal rate may be since their purchase.

Friday — World Elephant Day — NewsChannel 5's Vicki Yates joined many Postal officials in Hohenwald, Tennessee to present the latest Forever Stamp.

The focus was on Hohenwald's Elephant Sanctuary, and its pachyderm residents. They're the stars of this year's brand new Forever Stamp.

"These girls spent decades traveling and entertaining, giving rides, those types of things," said the sanctuary's Manager of Elephant Care Kristy Eaker. "They were actually seized by USPA for neglectful situations, so we absorbed them in 2006 and they've been here ever since. So, it's just a wide variety of how they come to join us here at the sanctuary and retire."

At the event, the stamp was unveiled and then "canceled." That means that a number of philatelists from all over the country were on hand to be the first to purchase the new Stamp. A philatelist is a stamp collector.

You can purchase the stamp right now at any post office, or online.