End Slavery Tennessee puts $3.5M from state to use with new home for sex trafficking survivors

End Slavery Tennessee puts $3.5 million from state to use with new home for sex trafficking survivors
Posted at 10:27 PM, Oct 01, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Looking at the Nashville area home from the outside it's just another beautiful home, but what happens inside is what makes it truly unique.

“We are the single point of referral for human trafficking survivors in the 41 counties in Middle Tennessee,” said Margie Quin, CEO of End Slavery Tennessee.

The organization just took possession of its newest “survivor restoration campus” in Davidson County.

“The majority of the services we deliver are to sex trafficking victims and about 50% are to minors, so children under the age of 18," said Quin. "The youngest survivor that we have on our list right now is 11 years old.”

The home is secluded on a 35 acres property and will house eight women. Quin said they hope to eventually build juvenile housing on the property too.

The organization already owns one home for women. But limited funding made it difficult to offer more housing - that is until the state appropriated $3.5 million to the organization this year.

“It’s hard to even put into words what my reaction was - elation, fear, trepidation, excitement,” said Quin. “The weight of the responsibility is daunting but I feel like the plan that we’ve put together and the path that we’ve taken are the right direction for survivor referrals in Middle Tennessee.”

Women will find resources like therapy, counseling, and workforce development on site.

“If we don’t want to continue that revolving door in and out of the criminal justice system there’s got to be an alternative and it’s got to be a viable alternative," said Quin. "It’s got to offer the kind of restorative care that we’re offering here at End Slavery Tennessee. It’s got to be about healing, housing, and hope.”

With a growing waitlist, End Slavery is looking forward to welcoming survivors into the home soon.

“Our tenth birthday is in March. End Slavery Tennessee turns ten years old and so we would love to open the house in March and welcome survivors in on our tenth anniversary,” said Quin.