Exorcism calls on the rise in Idaho

Posted at 6:15 PM, May 13, 2016

As Idaho’s population grows, there has been an influx of new construction, new restaurants, and oddly enough, and increased amount calls for exorcisms.

“Many times we get calls because people are having activity in their homes or businesses," exorcism expert and founder of Apparitions Paranormal Investigations Jeff Mason explained. "We actually had the entity identify itself as a demon attached to a resident of one exorcism."

Despite the doubt and sometimes laughable portrayals of exorcisms in Hollywood movies, Pastor Mike Freeman said that the issue is a reality for some people -- especially those living in Third World countries.

"You step into the Third World and it's definitely a ‘We're not in Kansas’ anymore moment," Freeman explained.

“To assume our way of viewing reality as the only way is to limit ourselves."

Interested in exploring the world of exorcisms? The Vatican has created an exorcism class that nearly 170 students attended in 2015. The only catch: You will have to fly to Italy to attend.