Experts Call Barry's Resignation An Economic Speed Bump

Experts Call Barry's Resignation An Economic Speed Bump
Posted at 4:28 PM, Mar 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-07 21:28:25-05

Megan Barry brought big, bold economic development ideas to Nashville during her time as mayor, but Barry will not be able to see some of those projects through, including a vote to bring light rail to the city for the first time and a possible Amazon Headquarters.

However, experts said her resignation will be a small blip in the city's economic progress.

"The basic elements of Nashville as far as the desirability of relocating here remains unchanged," said Lipscomb University Professor Andy Borchers. "Business friendly, low tax, diverse economy; there are many positive elements that have made Tennessee a destination for a lot of companies."

In the first minutes of his tenure as mayor, David Briley reinforced his support for a mass transit overhaul. Experts said his role in bringing other growth to Nashville will depend on what he chooses to invest in the process.

"I think the question is going to be whether he can devote the time or effort to make that a priority among the many tasks the mayor has," Borchers said.

But Briley will be supported by a network of groups who remain unchanged through the transition, including the Chamber of Commerce.

"These deals are being worked on by professionals at the chamber, in the city, and the state," Borchers said, "so I suspect those deals will still be worked on regardless of who happens to be in the mayor's chair."