Police Step Up Patrols During Holiday Shopping

Posted at 6:53 PM, Nov 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 19:53:15-05
On the biggest shopping day of the year safety is a concern of law enforcement and retailers, and the Mt. Juliet Police Department was on patrol to make sure everyone is able to enjoy the holiday in a safe environment. 
"It's been reasonably quiet in terms of criminal activity which is good which hopefully means our higher presence is having an effect," said Lt. Andy Long, Mt. Juliet police Dept.
The bigger police presence is not only having an effect on crime, but also the chaos that can sometimes come with Black Friday shopping.
"I'm basically looking for anything that looks out of the ordinary," said Lt. Long.
Dozens of officers have been patrolling the Providence Marketplace, looking for anyone lurking around the parking lot, people driving recklessly, or anyone leaving stores with items not in shopping bags.
"We've got additional patrol vehicles both marked and unmarked in the retails areas. We also have officers in many of the stores; some of them in uniform some of them in plain clothes," said Lt. Long.
Police say you can help officers by not allowing your gift of giving to be stolen away.
"Not leaving any valuables out in site as you go shopping and accumulate your packages put them in the trunk or if you have an SUV in the back and cover them over where they can't be seen," said Lt. Long.
If you see something say something. Police say if you notice anything suspicious don't hesitate to give police a call.