Fake Bills Making Rounds In Dickson

Posted at 10:26 PM, Oct 17, 2016

Investigators with the Dickson Police Department have been tracking down people who have used fake bills at several businesses in town. 

Officials said the fake money has been used at multiple businesses in the city, and they are warning business owners to be on alert.

The bills, called Teller Training Notes, have been used to train bank employees. The fake notes have been used in place of cash at several businesses. The bills have Chinese lettering on both sides, and a dash in the corner. The paper also feels different than a regular bill. 

Police said fake bills ranging from $1 to $100 have been used in the city. The suspects have targeted businesses during busy times in hopes the bills go undetected.

Police ask business owners and employees to be alert, especially as the holiday season approaches.

“Slow down. Look at the bill,” said Lt. Todd Christian with the Dickson Police Department. “If it doesn’t look right, contact the police department. Don’t take it.”

At the Thunder Alley bowling alley, the manager said someone came in with a fake $100 bill and asked for change. She spotted it immediately and called police. Officials have asked others respond the same way.

“You work hard for what you have,” said Lt. Christian. “Don’t be a victim. Don’t let someone take advantage of you by passing this fake dollar bill to you.”

Police arrested two juveniles in connection to the case, but believe more people are involved. If you see one of the fake bills, or have information on the case, call Dickson police at 615-446-5403.