Family Of Slain Clarksville Man Files Law Suit

Posted at 7:00 PM, May 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-09 22:48:07-04

The family of a Clarksville man shot to death by bounty hunters in a case of mistaken identity have filed a civil lawsuit in the case. 

"I'm standing here as a mother that has lost her son," said Anita Jenkins.

It's a burden no mother ever wants to bare, and Anita Jenkins wasn't ready to burry her 24-year-old son after he was murdered by bounty hunters in April.
"Everybody loved Jalen. He was just a real lovable guy and an awesome father," said Daron Jenkins.
Jalen Milan's father describes the young man as the glue who held everything together, but the family has lost a huge part of their family.
Now they're fighting back.
"This culture of hunting people for money, that's what this amounts to a hunt for money," said Mawuli Davis, Davis Bozeman Law.
On Tuesday morning, the family's attorneys filed a civil law suit at the Montgomery county circuit court. The law suit is against the 7 indicted bounty hunters and bail bondsmen, as well as Keesee Bonding and Eagle Bonding LLC. The family is suing for a number of reasons, but they're most devastated by the wrongful death. 
"Those children now no longer have a provider they no longer have someone who will be able to walk them down the aisle," said Davis.
Like 3-year-old Lyric. She's too young to fully grasp the reality that her father is gone, but her 4-year-old sister is already feeling that pain.
"She knew her dad and she asks for her dad everyday but we know dad is in a better place," said Anita Jenkins.
It's for that reason, the family wants to make sure, no one in Montgomery county feels this kind of despair, ever again.
"That at that trial this family and Jalen will get the justice they deserve for this tragic and senseless killing," said Robert Spence, Spence Law Firm.
The complaint does not state a specific dollar amount, but the family is hoping that a jury will determine that dollar amount in a trial.
Three of the seven men are no longer listed as inmates in the Montgomery County Jail.
Keesee Bonding and Eagle Bonding have declined to comment.