Family Pleas For Public's Help In Finding Missing Loved One

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A Nashville woman has gone missing, and the last her family heard from her was a phone call in which all that could be heard was a woman crying.

She didn't want to have this discussion but Wilma Taylor believes her daughter, Letitia Lane, is in grave danger.

“She is my first born daughter,” Taylor cried.  

The last time anyone in the close knit family spoke to her was on Saturday afternoon. She hasn't been reached since.

“We all communicate on a regular basis, on a daily basis in most cases,” said Taylor. 

Within a few days of her disappearance, Letitia's family contacted police. However, it was a phone call on Monday that alerted them to the fact that she may be in trouble. 

After she couldn't be reached by her family, they contacted her job. Letitia works at the AT&T building downtown.

On Monday, a coworker attempted to call her but instead of going straight to voicemail, Letitia's phone picked up. 

“She heard her crying,” explained Taylor. 

Then the line went dead, no one has been able to reach her since.

“We were happy to know at least she’s still alive,” said Taylor. 

It's believed Letitia may be with her ex-boyfriend who showed up at her job last week to tell her he was leaving town and asked to take her out one last time.

“He’s a convicted felon, we just found that out recently,” Taylor said. 

Meanwhile, at her home, her family said her car and all her belongings have not been touched. 

“She is a very independent, strong woman and she has three beautiful children,” said Taylor. “We just want her back.”

Letitia is 46-years-old. She may be with a man driving a white, four door Chevy Silverado.

Anyone with information that could help was asked to call Metro Police at 615-862-8600 or Detective Mike Rowland at 615-862-7488. Officers plan to continue the search Wednesday morning.

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