Family Searches For Stolen Necklace Filled With Relative's Ashes

Posted at 6:12 PM, Aug 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-02 20:14:40-04

A family has asked for the public’s help in finding a stolen necklace that contains some of the cremated remains of one man’s twin brother.

“My brother was always with me, hanging right next to my heart,” Carson Harris, the man who had his necklace stolen, said. “My necklace, literally, I haven’t taken it off in three years.”

Three years ago, Carson’s twin brother, Chase Harris, took his life at the age of 26.

When he passed, the family took his cremated remains and made them into necklaces for the family. Since then they’ve also gotten tattoos to remember their loved one, created t-shirts, and wristbands.

“It’s not to celebrate suicide, but it’s to bring awareness,” Stacey Harris-Fish, Chase’s mother, said. “If we do that, then maybe we will save others that otherwise we may also lose.”

A few weeks ago, Carson’s necklace broke, and prior to having it repaired, he stored it in his car.

Unfortunately, the car was broken into, and the necklace was taken.

To the average person, or to a pawn shop, the necklace may not be worth much, but to Carson, who was best friends with his twin brother, a man he said was one of the nicest and most compassionate people around, the necklace is priceless.

"The day he passed, part of me passed as well,” Carson explained. “That's one reason why that necklace brought me comfort is, you know, feeling like he was hugging me again, all the time."

That love and those memories remain, but the hope is someone realizes the significance of this otherwise normal necklace, and returns it to it’s rightful owner.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the necklace was asked to contact Three French Hens, a business the family runs, in Nolensville. You can also email