Family Wants Justice After Deadly Motorcycle Accident

Posted: 5:16 PM, Mar 17, 2017
Updated: 2017-03-18 00:47:34-04
Family Wants Justice After Deadly Motorcycle...

Almost one year after two people were killed in a motorcycle accident in Wilson County, a family member said no justice has been served.

Bob Mardres, 57, and Pam Passmore, 54 died on April 23, 2016 while out on a motorcycle ride.  While on Highway 231 near the Wilson and Rutherford County line, a car driven by Cyrus Compton, 18, crossed the center line and hit them head on.

Passmore’s daughter said the accident report showed drug paraphernalia was found in the car, and that Compton was “apparently asleep.” 

However, after reviewing the case, a Wilson County grand jury decided not to indict Compton on criminally negligent homicide charges.  The Wilson County District Attorney’s office said there were no signs of impairment at the scene, and tests showed no active drugs in his system.

It wasn’t the news the victim’s family members were hoping to hear as they struggle to get closure after a difficult year.

“I don’t understand it,” said Ronda Houchin, Passmore’s daughter.  “It doesn’t seem right someone can kill two people and get away with it.”

Houchin said Mardres and Passmore were regular motorcycle riders and always made safety a priority.  They were both wearing helmets.

“They were out doing what the love,” said Houchin.  “People say at least they are together now, but it’s not comforting.”

Compton will face misdemeanor charges including failure to maintain a lane of travel and failure to use due care.  His attorney Jeff Cherry said in a statement his client is “deeply sorry for the family’s loss.”

Houchin said its unknown if her family will take legal action against him.