Farmer's Market Board Fight For Parking Spaces

Posted at 10:04 PM, Jun 22, 2016

Nashville Farmer’s Market Board Members have been fighting for parking spots.

Since construction began on the new state museum that sits by the market, spaces have become scarce, some even sitting empty.

The Farmers' Market Board has been battling state officials for months to help them with the parking problem.

Board members even found a state lot nearby that had empty spots; so they asked if their vendors could use the spaces.

However, the State Department of General Services shot that idea down. Board members pledged to keep fighting.

“I understand that our city is going through a lot of changes. I understand that parking is a regional issue. Transit is a regional issue, but these folks - these 130 small businesses, farmers, minority-owned businesses - they deserve some answers. They deserve collaboration. They deserve some decisions,” said Tasha Kennard.

For now, customers were encouraged to carpool, use public transit, walk or bike to the downtown market.