Farmers' Market Celebrates 'Corn-Mato' At Monthly Night Market

Posted at 9:53 PM, Jul 17, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A lot of folks made the choice to eat right this weekend.

The Nashville Farmers' Market held their monthly Night Market. This month's vegetables of honor were corn and tomatoes.

The "Corn-Mato" night market had free samples, some live music, and adult beverages to add to the good time.

The night market gave customers who can't normally make it during regular hours a chance to get their fresh produce.

“When it’s closed by 5 or 5:30 there's no way we can get here by that time after work, so we have to take advantage of it when they have a night market,” said Tracy McDonald, a night market shopper.

The market festivities were set to continue all weekend.