Women Subdue Stabbing Suspect On Side of Interstate

Posted at 6:44 PM, Oct 18, 2016

Two quick thinking women are able subdue a man just moments after police say he stabbed his father. 

According to Fairview Police, 70-year-old Leamon Scott of Arkansas was in an argument with his son, 32-year-old Simeon Scott while driving down I-40 West near Fairview. At some point during the argument, Leamon was stabbed in the leg.

He was able to safely stop the vehicle, but the fight spilled out into interstate.

While Edee Orr and Donna Lowry were driving down I-40 West they witnessed the scuffle between the two men.  They both stopped their cars and with the help of a club, horse twitch, and tennis racket Orr had in her car, were able to control Simeon Scott until police arrived.

"When I asked him in the name of Jesus, I commanded him," said Edee Orr.  "He went to his knees.  Then I yelled for him to get on his face and he did."

Lowry recorded the tense moments on her cell phone.

"Life matters.  When you see something like this you stop and react," said Donna Lowry.  "I knew I needed to do something, but I didn't know what it was going to be."

The two women said they are old friends who just happened to run into each other at the scene Monday just before noon.

The women weren't hurt.  The ordeal caused traffic delays along I-40.

"It was just two average people trying to help some other people that were in trouble," said Orr.  "I would do it again."

Leamon was transported to Horizon Medical Center for treatment for the stabbing injury. Simeon was arrested on Domestic Violence charges.  Fairview police are still investigating.