Federal Subpoenas Issued In Tabitha Tuders Case

Posted at 6:58 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-07 20:35:12-05

Two federal subpoenas have been issued in the cold case of missing Tabitha Tuders.

Tuders disappeared in April of 2003. She left home in the morning to catch the school bus, but never boarded and has been missing ever since.

For years, investigators have chased down lead after lead, but all have up empty.

"It's like an elevator up and down, but we've learned over the years just to deal with it," said Bo Tuders, Tabitha's father.

For Tabitha's parents and for detectives, it's been frustrating. They've often wanted to question many persons of interest, but couldn't because they would not cooperate.

Thanks to federal subpoenas that may change.

"There's somebody that knows something but they don't want to come up and say anything. This here might be somebody that knows something," said Tuders.

The subpoenas stem from an incident out of state where an individual under arrest told police he knew something about the disappearance of Tabitha Tuders.

He later tried to change his story, but he and his girlfriend will answer questions before a federal grand jury - under threat of perjury if they lie.

"They are going to have to tell," said Tuders.

This is the first step toward rounding up persons of interest and compelling them to answer questions.

In addition to the federal subpoena, the financial incentive of a $50,000 reward is reason for them to come forward and talk.

The FBI offered the reward for information that breaks the case. Those two "persons of interest" will go before the grand jury to answer questions about the Tuders case before the end of the year.