Feds push for faster COVID-19 vaccine distribution

COVID-19 vaccine
Posted at 7:55 AM, Jan 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-13 08:57:43-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF)  — Federal health leaders are pushing states to distribute COVID-19 vaccines faster.

Health leaders say states need to get anyone 65 or older vaccinated immediately. They also want people 16 years or older with a comorbidity to be prioritized. People 75 and older can get the vaccine right now in Davidson County.

The federal government is also pushing states to release all of their supply of vaccines instead of holding it off for people who need second doses.

Even though Tennessee was a little slow in the roll out, they didn't hold back. So far, 271,000 have gotten vaccinated -- that includes about 25,000 healthcare workers who've gotten their second dose.

While many doctors are proud of how quickly the U.S. has been able to start with the vaccine, they say the distribution is part of a bigger issue.

"I think this is the ultimate demonstration of problems with the American healthcare system, which is fragmented," said Dr. Arnold Monto with the UM School of Public Health.

President-elect Joe Biden is also expected to unveil his vaccination plan on Thursday.