Fifty-First Kitchen & Bar Inviting Dogs To Dinner

Posted at 7:15 AM, Oct 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-10 08:18:51-04

A Nashville restaurant has turned happy hour into "yappy hour."

The extra space in front of Fifty-First Kitchen & Bar could've been a garden, but General Manager Amy Bentley said the decision to create a place for pets has people talking.  

"People keep on saying it's just genius the idea of putting a dog park with a restaurant," said Bentley. 

She said bringing the the community together was the ultimate goal. 

"Just come and enjoy great food in a relaxed atmosphere, where your four-legged kids get taken care of, as well," she said.  

"Oh it's awesome. So I go to the dog park at Centennial all the time and I'm always thinking, 'Oh if only I were drinking right now!' And luckily I can be here with my dog which is the best. And I can be eating and drinking and having a good time so it's the best of both worlds," said dog owner Robert Marx. 

The restaurant is so dog friendly they have leash clips at tables, water bowls and mats for mutts.

They've even been known to cook food for Fido. Patrons said they just wish they had thought of it.

"We've all talked about opening these. But I guess they did it first," said dog lover Ashley Farlow. 

"It gets her out of the house which is nice and she gets to play with other dogs and it gets me out of the house and i get to play with other humans so it's really a win-win." 

"The best people in the world are dog lovers. So we get the best customers in the city. Everybody is just laid back and chill and that's what we wanted here," said Bentley. 

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