Fitness Craze, Goat Yoga, Comes To Nashville

Shenanigoats' Herd Now Hangs With Yogis
Posted at 9:10 AM, Jun 14, 2017

Before you knock it, now you can try it: "Goat Yoga" has hit East Nashville. It's a backyard sensation that is sweeping the nation.

"Absolutely surreal. Beyond surreal. We're just happy it makes people happy," said Jamie Codispoti, owner of Shenanigoats

They bounce, eat leaves and make the yogis very happy (and more than a little distracted).  

"I'm excited to be teaching [goat yoga class] and letting everyone else find the joy of these animals being around for yoga," said instructor Jenna Wolf. 

Dozens of exercise enthusiasts showed up to class, organized by Shenanigoats, originally a goat-landscaping company.

"It started about six weeks ago with a post online, someone wanting their yard cleared out using goats," said Codispoti. "People started talking about yoga and I did some goggling and I said, 'We have babies that are friendly. Let's do this.' We just see how happy they make everybody. You forget about all the crazy stuff that's going on." 

The first class sold out in three hours. The next two are sold out, as well.

"Yoga teachers keep contacting us and people keep contacting us so we're adding more classes as we go and we're looking for a permanent spot. And yeah, it's amazing," she said. 

So do farm animals and exercise go together? That's up to you. But yoga instructor Wolf insists happiness is the key to health.

"I definitely think we're going find those heart vibrations elevated. I think everyone is going to have a great weekend after this," she said.