FL Couple Gets Wedding Rings Back After Losing Everything In RV Fire

Posted at 9:09 PM, Sep 28, 2017

At Carters Garage in Joelton each vehicle there has it's own special story, but perhaps none are as special as a burnt camper. 

"When I first seen it I didn't think anybody made it out," Tina Johnson, an employee, said. 

There is not much left of Nancy and Dennis Ferguson's camper. They called it "The Beast", but on September 14, as they were heading home to Florida an accident on I-24 caused their camper to go up in flames. 

Irma Evacuees Lose RV In Fiery Crash

The Fergusons barely made it out, but everything they managed to save from Hurricane Irma was now lost in the fire or thought to be. 

The folks at Carters found a tiny metal box under the driver's seat Thursday. Inside were all of Nancy's precious rings, including her wedding ring and her parent's wedding rings. 

"I'm shocked they made it through honestly," Johnson explained. 

They broke the good news to Nancy by phone Thursday. "I said are you sitting down? She said yes I am. I said we found your rings," employee Catherine Hunter said. 

"I was shaking, I was crying. This goes to show you there is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, trustworthy, honest people still left in this world," said Nancy.  

Among the rings found, one that belonged to Nancy's late father. "There's so many memories there, especially of my dad. My dad passed away in 88' and I miss him every single day and I'll have a piece of my daddy back," cried Nancy. 

The folks at Carters don't fancy themselves heroes, but to the Ferguson's they're so much more. "God bless every single one of them, they will be remembered in my prayers forever," said Nancy. 

"I'm just happy that we could find her jewelry," Hunter said crying.