Former Councilman Greene Enters Not Guilty Plea

Posted at 9:54 AM, Jul 14, 2016

Former Councilman Loniel Greene has entered a plea of not guilty.

That plea came in a Nashville courtroom Thursday morning.



Greene resigned near the end of January amid an investigation by the District Attorney’s office.

The Davidson County District Attorney opened the investigation after questionable phone conversations between Greene and his cousin, Tavares Buchanan, surfaced.

In February, Greene took the stand to testify in a case involving Buchanan, an assault suspect, after Greene reportedly tried to keep the alleged assault victim from testifying in court through reported threats.

Also, according to reports, documents showed the surety on Buchanan’s bond was paid by Greene. At issue when Greene testified was whether the bond was paid for with “dirty money.”

The Davidson County District Attorney opened an investigation into allegations of questionable conduct by Greene after information surfaced showing he may have lied under oath about having money to pay for Buchanan’s bond.

Greene attempted to recant his previous testimony that he had bond money, likely to avoid being charged with lying under oath.

The former councilman added he got Buchanan’s bond money from a bag that was behind his mother’s sofa.

In the courtroom in February, Greene admitted to lying under oath.

Greene was also the victim of a shooting in November 2015.

Following Greene’s plea of not guilty Thursday morning, the man accused of shooting him, identified as Brandon Hunt-Clark, was being arraigned in a separate courtroom.



Hunt-Clark worked out a deal with attorneys that would keep him from testifying. His case was then moved to criminal court to enter a plea within a few weeks.