Former Nashville Mayors React To Mayor Barry's Affair

Former Nashville Mayors React To Mayor Barry's Affair
Posted at 3:40 PM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-11 12:54:36-05

Former Nashville Mayors Karl Dean and Bill Purcell commented about Mayor Barry's admission to an extramarital affair with her head of security, Rob Forrest.

Mayor Barry spoke to NewsChannel 5 to break the news, then held a press conference for the public and media shortly after.

"I know the different parties involved. They’re friends and I’m thinking of them and we wish everyone wel," said Dean.

Neither of them said that Mayor Barry needs to step down because of the scandal.

"I think at this point what we have to focus on is what this means, both for her also for all we’re all doing at this stage. We need to focus on what we can find out and what we can know," said Purcell.

Yet, Dean chose not to answer the question asked by NewsChannel 5's Chris Conte.

Chris: "Do you think she should step down?"

Dean: "Chris, we’re good."

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The most pressing question for tax payers, surrounded the traveling the two did together.

NewsChannel 5 tried to ask Mayor Dean what things were like during his administration. Forrest was also his body guard.

"What about when you left the city of Nashville? Was Rob Forrest with you," asked Conte.

"When we left the city in the region or by car it depended on the event I believe whether we had one or two people. Outside of the state they did not travel that I can recall," Karl Dean said.