Formerly Charged Suspect Speaks Out After Cold Case Charges Dropped

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jul 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-02 19:57:57-04

Patrick Streater, who was charged with killing two young women at an Exotic Tan business two decades ago, but the DNA evidence has led to all charges being dropped against him.

According to Metro Nashville Police officials, DNA evidence was initially what linked him to the crime years ago.

Streater served about two-and-a-half years behind bars while awaiting trial. Of course, it never came to that because sophisticated DNA testing could not link him to the crime. All along, Streater insisted he was innocent. 

"They tried to make things fit where they didn't fit and made me the murderer. Made me the person," said Streater. 

The person responsible for one of the city's most high-profile, unsolved homicide cases.

"Detectives came and charged me with two counts of first degree murder," said Streater. 

They accused him of killing Melissa Chilton and Tiffany Campbell 20 years ago at an Exotic Tan business.

"From day one I maintained I didn't do it. I told everybody that," said Streater. 

He said he always cooperated with authorities, and never lost faith even when he found himself behind bars. The key was DNA that initially led to his arrest. It was DNA tested with new technology that led to the charges being dropped.

"Because they were so diligent trying unfortunately to prove it was me it helped them see it's not me," said Streater. "It's a stigma. Something you wear. The worst accusation you can have. They accused me of murder and it changed my life," said Streater.

He lost his wife, his friends, contact with his children, and it's now a challenge to find work in Nashville where Streater still chooses to live.

Streater feels investigators bungled the case and rushed to judgment.

"I feel they owe me an apology. They owe my family an apology. The injustice of it is I never should have sat here in the first place. There's things that and other pieces of evidence that pointed elsewhere," said Streater.

Metro police say they have absolute confidence in the investigation that took place over the years, but the District Attorney said charges against Streater are not appropriate now with the evidence. 

The Exotic Tan case is again cold. Metro police do say the investigation remains open and active.

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