Franklin Renovation To Be Completed In April

Posted at 4:51 PM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 20:07:49-04

Construction of a massive building with a rooftop bar in downtown Franklin has an end in sight. Officials said they expect to see the project completed by April of 2018.

The project, 231 Public Square, is a $19 million renovation of the historic building in Franklin's town square.

"The building was built like a fortress; so we basically demoed the part we didn't want to see, kept the part that was structurally awesome, and are building something that will look like Michigan Avenue came to Franklin," Bernie Butler said.                  

Butler and his team planned a high-end restaurant on the first floor and a rooftop restaurant and bar on the top floor. Offices on the middle floors are almost completely leased.

Nearby, land for a $90 million project was still vacant, but developers expected to break ground within a few weeks.

"Franklin needs two or three boutique hotels and more people living downtown."

It would mean more families like Gina Nunn and her kids visiting downtown.

"...I've already met so many people today that are coming in here for anniversary trips and things like that. They need a hotel - a place to stay down here."

Residents were not the only ones excited about the restaurant and hotel coming. Business owners said it would bring a lot more people to them.

"I think they'll be more people on the street. It'll add more parking because there's approximately 150 public parking spaces and it's going to add more life to that end of Main Street."

Holly Rollins was ready, knowing it'll spice up her business and that of her neighbors as well.

"Residents said when the restaurant and the hotel are completed, it'll mean a lot more people coming to downtown Franklin and for that, they said, the sooner, the better," said Rollins.