Franklin Residents Come Out in Support Of Police Officers

Posted at 5:09 PM, Sep 04, 2015

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - A handful of people stood in the heat Friday to get out the message they support the men and women of the Franklin Police and Fire Departments.

They held signs, and stood on the sidewalk, outside of Franklin's police headquarters. Those signs read "thank you" and "pray for officers"

The impromptu rally came on the day a murdered Texas officer was laid to rest.

"The funeral that was held today in Irving, Texas, we all grieve for that family, and this community does too," said Franklin resident Kathy Harms. 

She hoped people riding by took home several messages Friday morning.

"I'm hoping that they number one, pray, because that's what will change things. And number two, if it opens up one pair of eyeballs to something they didn't think about today, that they took for granted, that's enough," Harms said.

Franklin Police officers had no idea the group was going to hold the rally to support them. But the definitely appreciated what they saw outside their windows.

"I'll be honest with you, we've all been a little down-hearted with all the things going on in the country, and this has truly lifted our spirits, and fueled our fire." said Franklin Police Chief Deborah Faulkner.

One of the residents, who came with her children, also brought cookies for the officers.  About a dozen officers came outside to talk with, and thank the residents for their support.