Franklin Sociologist Begins Community Round Tables, Calls It 'The Great Reset'

Posted at 11:02 AM, Aug 29, 2018

Can you disagree with someone, without being disagreeable? A Franklin woman is helping her community have meaningful conversations, about often polarizing topics.  

It starts with tea and some light chit-chat. Then, they dive right-in.

Kalinda Fisher leads the conversation with a group of people ready to discuss and share -- even bump heads. 

"It’s just about discourse and about opening-up and sharing thoughts and learning about things along the way," she said. 

Fisher is a marketing professional by day. She's also a sociologist. She started the community round table about six-months ago and calls it "The Great Reset."

"Over the last couple years there's been a shift. And that’s typical around any great election time, that’s not uncommon, however in the last couple months I’ve seen this fantastic polarization," she said. 

Once a month, participants meet-up and discuss a topic. They cover a variety of topics and ideas -- some controversial.

She says her goal is to create groups like this throughout the community to teach people how to talk, even disagree and still walk away -- friends. 

"If you give respect and you get respect and it’s really a lovely thing to watch."

If you would like to participate in the roundtables or become a moderator, you can message Fisher via Twitter or LinkedIn