'Freedom Van' Owner Prepares To Fight Traffic Citation In Court

Posted at 10:32 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 23:40:18-04

A woman known for her vehicle called the "Freedom Van" was stopped by a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper and cited because of the decorations on the vehicle, and she said she plans to fight it in court.

When Lynda Farley drives into town in her Freedom van, no matter what town it is, people take notice.

"Once in a while I get an ugly look," Farley laughed. 

You may say her personality is just as big as her van's diverse and unique character. "Some of us artsy type like to dress up our vans and drive it on the street," Farley explained. 

Her freedom van has driven through every state on the continental U.S. and everywhere it goes, attention isn't far behind. "I've had a lot of trouble in very few places," Farley said. "I've driven through Tennessee tons of times and never once got pulled over." 

That was until last week. Farley was driving home from Florida and was passing through Dickson County when she was pulled over and cited by a state trooper. According to the citation, her decorative lights are what got her in trouble. "I'm not hurting nobody. You'd think they had other priorities," Farley said.  

She plans to appeal her ticket in a Dickson County courtroom on October, 20. You can bet her freedom van will be parked right outside where everyone can see.

"This is freedom of speech," said Farley.