German Professor, Dr. Andreas Fath, Swimming Tennessee River For Science

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - German professor, Dr. Andreas Fath, is swimming hundreds of miles this summer, analyzing the entire Tennessee River.

NewsChannel 5 spoke to the professor via Skype about his "TenneSwim" and why he's taking on so much water.

"It's really hard to swim 20 miles per day," said Dr. Andreas Fath. "I'm combining the swimming project with a research project."

Dr. Fath said he's "swimming for science."

"Looking a micro-plastics, looking at pharmaceuticals, pesticides," he said. 

He's completed a similar swim before, swimming the length of the Rhine River in 2014. Now, he's swimming 652 miles to survey the Tennessee River water, raise awareness about water pollution and educate others on how we can keep our natural resources clean.

If you would like to track the professor's progress online click here

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