'Giving Tuesday' Campaign Puts Dogs Behind Bars

Posted at 7:35 PM, Dec 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-01 20:35:26-05

Following Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, “Giving Tuesday” invited the people of Middle Tennessee to donate to causes they cared about.

One cause in Nashville was helping those who can’t help themselves, dogs.

Its called the Tiny But Mighty Fund, and this year, they ‘locked up’ dogs of local business owners and simply dog lovers with the hopes to raise money to ‘pay their bail’, with proceeds going to the Nashville Humane Association.

One of the local business owners participating was The Trunk owner, Abby Franklin.

Franklin has two dogs, Sasha and Nola, who are both rescue dogs.

“These girls are blessed with a good home, so I feel like we need to give to other animals so they in turn can have a good home.” Franklin said.

Sasha and Nola were ‘put in jail’ after they tore the siding off a garage, an act that at the time Franklin was not happy about, but in the long run, gave her a good reason to put them ‘behind bars’.

The idea for the fundraiser came from Marcia Masulla, who lost her dog Chico, a rescue dog, in 2013. That’s when she launched the Tiny But Mighty Fund.

“The tiniest acts of kindness can make a mighty big difference.” Masulla explained.

In it’s third year, the November into December fundraiser has raised more than $35,000 for the Nashville Humane Association, but with this fundraiser, the dogs were the stars, being featured on social media as outlaws.

“You have so many different people that are a part of this, it’s not my story, it’s not your story, it’s literally a band of Nashvillians that are working toward a common good.” Masulla explained.

That common good helps local animals in need.

“December is just a wonderful time of giving.” Kenneth Tallier of the Nashville Humane Association said.

“Here at Nashville Humane, we are a non-profit that we rely on the donations, the kind of donations from the public to help this facility stay running and to help homeless animals.”

The Nashville Humane Association sees more donations in December than any other month, which keeps them running, but they also see more adoptions in December than in any other month of the year.

If you want to donate to the Nashville Humane Association or help ‘post bail’ for local dogs through the Tiny But Mighty Fund, you can find more information on their websites.