Good News For Possible Rescue Of Mentally Ill Tennessean In Mexico

Posted at 1:04 PM, Mar 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-15 18:57:47-04

There's good news to report on a schizophrenic American from Tennessee lost and wandering south of the border in Mexico.

We first told you about this 23-year-old earlier in the week. Now the first steps are being taken to help bring this trouble young man home.

The young man -- without a cent to his name -- left a group home in Nashville on Thanksgiving, and four months later, he turned up roaming the streets of a small village outside Guadalajara, Mexico.

Several recent photos taken by a Mexican news reporter show 23-year-old Everett Washington roaming the small town of Tepic earlier this week.

A paranoid schizophrenic, he somehow made it south of the border and only recently turned up there much to the concern of his mother.

She talked about learning of her son's whereabouts and worrying about him while looking at one of the photos showing him flailing his arms.

"You can see that he has issues, and he's not in his right mind," said Jackie Washington, who fears for her son's life. She added he probably spent the night in the street.

She's tried to get help through the US consulate in Mexico, but then new photos arrived just a day ago.

They were sent by city officials in Tepic and showed them taking her son to a shelter for medical care and food.

Now Jackie said the offices of both Senator Lamar Alexander and Congressman Jim Cooper have been trying to help arrange Everett's safe return home to the states.

If and when he does return, Everett's mother is desperate to finally get him some badly needed therapy.

She said it's been very difficult, if not impossible, to get her son into any type of sustained mental health treatment in Tennessee.

It's still somewhat of a mystery how Everett was able to make it two-thousand miles south deep into Mexico -- delusional and without any money.

His mother believes he hitchhiked most of the way.