Good Samaritans Save Pinned Crash Victim

Posted at 6:54 PM, Aug 16, 2016

Several people sprung into action to help a Murfreesboro man severely injured in a two-car collision by lifting one of the cars off the pinned victim.

Jason Shahan was traveling east on Dilton Mankin Road when a vehicle on the opposite side tried to turn onto a driveway.

Officials with the Tennessee Highway Patrol said Shahan struck the vehicle because the other driver failed to yield the right of way.

Shahan's car flipped on its side and partially landed in the ditch.

"You didn't hear many brakes, just a bunch of metal colliding," Zach McCann, a neighbor said. "The guy was hanging out the passenger window and underneath the passenger side door."

McCann and several other neighbors heard a loud crash and immediately responded to the scene. Shahan was stuck so the group lifted his car to let him loose. 

"We rolled him over to his side and he was breathing a lot better," McCann recalled. "You didn't really notice how heavy it was because you had the adrenaline flowing."

McCann was unconscious at one point. The men stayed until emergency responders arrived.

"I don't know how to thank them but I thank God they were there, it's a miracle!" Susan Keller, Shahan's mother-in-law cheerfully told NewsChannel 5. 

Keller said some of Shahan's injuries include fractured ribs, a fractured vertebrae, a cracked sternum, a bruised heart and fluid in his chest.  

Shahan's wife posted on her Facebook on Tuesday afternoon saying he would need a back brace for six weeks.

Shahan was still in the trauma center as of Tuesday. 

The family is grateful of the men's quick thinking and would hope to thank them in person soon.