Group Of Four-Wheel Drivers Helps Stranded Drivers

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jan 16, 2018

A group of four-wheel drivers across the mid-state continues its mission to help others needing assistance during the winter season.

Jeeps and Wrenches initially formed as an off-road club of proud Jeep drivers several years ago but it has transformed into a bigger operation. 

Through the Rescue and Recovery of Mid-TN Facebook page, hundreds of drivers have become members and made themselves available to pull out stranded drivers or offer free rides to emergency or medical employees.

"You can't put a price or word on it because we're just helping people with what we love," Peyton Penuel, a Jeeps and Wrenches member, told NewsChannel 5. "I've pulled out several people and even pulled a FedEx truck up a hill."

Those who fit the criteria to receive assistance can join the Facebook group and post their request. 

Typically members who would have to keep a close eye on the page for the requests. However, the group began using an app called Zello to better communicate.

The app is like a walkie talkie and acts as a dispatch system.

Members who cover the entire middle Tennessee can tune in to the channel and hear for nearby requests. 

"It used to everybody had to sit on the Facebook page, and now you have people who are just driving around in circles around town until they hear something calls out like they're nearby," said Penuel.

Penuel said it has gotten a lot smoother. He even used the app to call for help when his Jeep broke down last week.