Gun Sales Spike Expected After Executive Action

Posted at 5:45 PM, Jan 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-06 21:12:22-05

Gun sales in Middle Tennessee have increased after President Obama's executive action announcement Tuesday.

At Everything Weapons in Brentwood, business has been booming the last several weeks. 

Shopper Erik Schall thoroughly looked over some options Wednesday, he said he's experienced a few surges  like this before.

"Couple years ago they had the ammo scare, you couldn't even find 22s if you wanted to," Schall said. 

Store owner, David Cooper said, "they want to get what they need now because they don't think it will be available later."

During his time in the business Cooper said sales spike when tragedy strikes. "Right after Sandy Hook was explosive because people don't want their firearms taken away, they don't want their second amendment taken away," Cooper explained. 

Since the attacks in Paris, Cooper has seen a 300% increase in sales. He believed the President's announcement Tuesday to curb gun violence with executive action would likely mean more transactions at their registers.

"We think the weekend is going to be really, really crazy. Right now I think people are really trying to understand what he's saying, and what the changes will be and how that will affect them," said Cooper. 

Of those new customers, many of them are women and first time gun owners. "They're buying revolvers, for females and their purses. They're buying Glock 43 and the Smith and Wessen Shield," said Cooper. 

While the President has said his plan does not include taking guns away from law abiding citizens, his words may have fallen on deaf ears.

"Especially with the current administration people are scared, current events people are scared so right now it's a big surge," Schall explained. 

However, before you consider buying your own firearm heed this gun owner's advice. "Practice, you've got to have the money to practice and if you're not going to be a responsible owner then don't own one because if you're not responsible, yes there's absolutely the potential to be catastrophic," said Schall.