Haynes Park neighbors raise money for license plate reading cameras

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Posted at 9:05 PM, Apr 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-23 22:05:40-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WTVF) — Neighbors in the Haynes Park community say last year was tough and not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic but also because of an increase in crime.

A group of neighbors and community activists in Haynes Park decided to help put an end to some of the dangerous trends.

Gina Coleman says her neighborhood was in the news at least four times last year and it was nothing to be proud of.

She's always had a passion for protecting her Haynes Park community, which started when her son got in trouble with the law at a young age.

She was able to help him and she says her need hasn't stopped.

Drug busts, shootings and even a murder occurred on the streets in this Northwest Nashville community.

"We're just standing up for our neighborhood, for our neighbors, for our seniors. Our neighborhood is aging and so we care for each other," said Coleman.

Neighbors say a drug bust, shootings and even a murder made the news in 2020.

Coleman is the treasurer and founder of the Haynes Park Community Neighborhood Association.

"I'm just a big mouth for the neighborhood, but I got a group of people that I represent."

Giving a voice to the community, Coleman and other association members knew they needed to do something about the increase in crime.

Last summer they knocked on 250 doors in this neighborhood to raise money for two license plate reading cameras with help from the company Flock Safety

"United we stand, united we plan, united we can as we take each other hand. We can not do this individually or alone," said Coleman.

They raised $3,500 and already had $1,500 raised sitting in the bank from previous community fundraisers.

Coleman says some neighbors are still skeptical about the cameras which have been up since December of 2020 because of privacy concerns but she says the cameras are working.

"We want a safe, protected neighborhood, and we're willing to stand up. And we must stand."

The Haynes Park Neighborhood Association also requested additional patrols from police, and encouraged the Metro Council to help support the legislation to add these kinds of cameras to public roadways.