Hendersonville Families Team Up To Create New 'Friend-Division'


Some Hendersonville families say they’ve come up with a way to live surrounded by good friends and save money.

Six families split the cost of 32 acres of farmland off Goshentown Road in Hendersonville. They divided the land in to separate five or six-acre lots. Each participating family will then build a new home on their individual land.

“We came across the land and decided if we divided it between several families it would be affordable,” said Angela Dulany, one of the residents who will build a house on the land.

“Some people wanted to be back further with more land,” added Matt Baskin, who is also planning to move to the site. “Some people wanted to be closer with smaller amounts of land. It ends up equaling out all together.”

The property features two ponds, and plenty of room for 12 adults and 14 kids to live for years to come.  One participating family plans to have horses on their property, and another has miniature farm animals.

“To me, it was the perfect blend of both worlds,” said Dulany, one of the resident who will live on the land. “It’s a subdivision, and a chance to be in a wide open space.”

Dulany said the end result will be a “mini community” or “friend-division.”

Making the empty land livable, has already been a lot of work. Several members of the group have pitched in to help put a gravel driveway through the property and dig ditches for utilities.

Participating families said splitting the cost of the land, and doing some of the work themselves will save money. They think the concept will catch on in Middle Tennessee’s competitive housing market.

“The more we’ve talked to people, the more people have been, like, I’ve always wanted to do that,” said Dulany. 

The families said the recent rain has delayed construction, but they hope to break ground on their new homes in May.

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