Hendersonville Police Search For 2 Armed Robbers

Posted at 7:23 PM, Sep 12, 2017

Officials with the Hendersonville Police Department have asked for the public's help in their search for robbery suspects.

The armed robbery took the cashier by surprise. The thieves could be seen in surveillance video - one of them jumps over the counter with a gun, and the other went for the cigarettes. It was a situation that Detective Vaughn said left the clerk terrified.

"Twenty-six minutes after midnight we responded to an armed robbery at the Bread Box," said Detective Jim Vaughn, Hendersonville Police Department. "You can see in the video he's telling him to get the money out of both the cash registers, so it was a very stressful dangerous situation for a little while."

Yet, the clerk was not alone in the store, a shopper was inside hoping to buy some milk when he became apart of the robbery.

"One of them turned around and told me to go back to the store, and I sat down on a side isle," said the witness.

For fear of his life, the witness asked NewsChannel 5 to hide his identity, especially after seeing how cruelly the clerk was treated.

"The cashier mentioned that they were poking him in the stomach with it, and putting it up to his head. He was afraid that they were going to shoot him by mistake," said the witness.

As the two men try to move past the frightening ordeal police, were working to track down the robbers.

Police were also hoping to find the driver of a car who stopped outside of the store as the robbery started.

Anyone with information on the suspects in the surveillance video was asked to call Hendersonville Crime Stoppers at 615-264-5303.