Hiring Freeze, Cuts Proposed To Save Nashville General Hospital

Posted: 3:50 PM, Jan 26, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-26 19:09:21-05
Hiring Freeze, Cuts Proposed To Save Nashville General Hospital

Metro Mayor Megan Barry proposed a hiring freeze and millions of dollars in cuts to Metro programs to save Nashville General Hospital.

While Metro provided the hospital with an additional $16 million in 2016 and $10 million last year, this is the first time the money could come from cuts from other departments and due to a hiring freeze. 

Here's a breakdown of where 2.4 million of the dollars would come from and where the cuts would be made:

  • There would be cuts to the 
  • Employee Tuition Reimbursement Pilot Program
  • Stormwater Contingency
  • Small Business Incentive Fund
  • Nashville Construction readiness Partnership
  • Housing Incentive Pilot Program
  • Historic Preservation Grant Program. 

The Mayor's Office also proposed to get at least $2 million through a freeze in hiring and promotions for all Metro Departments, but exceptions are possible on a case-by-case basis. Metro offices would also have to make targeted savings in every department. 

The rest of the funds, which could be more than $10 million, would come from the city's savings account, which they try to avoid taking money from. 

The proposal came after Mayor Barry proposed stopping inpatient care at the hospital, but saw pushback from the community it serves.

Nashville General Hospital officials and workers held a press conference following Friday's announcement.