Home Business Lawsuit To Be Filed In Nashville

Posted at 8:57 PM, Dec 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 18:06:52-05

Two local business owners announced a plan to sue the city of Nashville over a law that prohibits them from operating their businesses out of their home.

One of the businesses is operated by Pat Raynor who cut hair out of her Donelson home, while the other was The Toy Box Studio run by Lij Shaw, a recording studio in East Nashville. 

The Toy Box Studio had been operating in East Nashville for more than a decade with no problems, helping artists record hundreds of songs, including a project that won a Grammy award, but in 2015, Metro shut down the business. 

"It was a devastating shock to me," Shaw said, explaining that the business not only was his passion, but his livelihood. "This means I'm able to support my daughter, this means I'm able to pay my mortgage and pay my bills, it's everything to me." 

Shaw said no neighbors ever complained to him about the business, and during an appeal of the decision, more than 50 neighbors actually signed a petition in favor of letting him operate the home studio in his neighborhood, but that appeal failed.

"it's left me no other choice than to just simply sue the city for my right to be able to make a living from my home and support my family," Shaw explained. "I think it's better for the community, I think it's better for the environment, I think it's better for the residents of Nashville." 

When it comes to the music scene, Shaw said he believes if there are no home studios, then up-and-coming or artists without sufficient funds won't be able to afford studio time. 

"The music scene would just slowly die off," Shaw said. 

Details on the lawsuit are expected to be released on Tuesday.