Home Surveillance Video Captures Thieves

Posted at 7:18 PM, Mar 03, 2016

A home surveillance camera caught two suspects stealing from cars on in a South Nashville neighborhood.

It happened on Feb. 28 when at least two suspects hit the jackpot on Ellsworth Place, stealing valuables from vehicles. 

In the video, one of the suspects walked right up to a car in a driveway, checked the door and hopped inside. 

Soon after,  he moved on to the next vehicle but it was locked. The next one was too, so he took off and tried his luck elsewhere. 

Metro police Sgt. Rafael Fernandez  said that's why their initiative "Park Smart" is so very important.  "Lock your vehicles, secure your valuables and take your keys with you," he said.

The thieves on Ellsworth only stole a few valuables, but in other instances that same week, police said cars were stolen - two dozen to be exact. 

Sgt. Fernandez said in 19 of those cases, the keys were left inside.  "I think a lot of people think it's not going to happen to them, but it can happen to anyone," he said.

Police were still investigating what was stolen from the vehicles on Ellsworth Place, but warned that thieves aren't just looking for the obvious. 

"There's also paperwork with your social security number on it and credit card statements, Sgt. Fernandez said.  "We need people to secure everything not just those things that are worth a couple hundred dollars."

In order to stop these type of thieves from getting lucky on your street, police said they could use your help. All you have to do is lock up. 

"If we get this information out it will free a lot of our officers up to handle other crimes like assaults and burglaries in progress," said Sgt. Fernandez.  "These are the things citizens could help us out with by taking part of this program."