Homeless Camp Task Force Meets For 1st Time

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jan 27, 2016

A special task force to look at homeless encampments in Nashville met for the first time Wednesday.

The meeting came after homeless camps across the city have been recently asked to clear out by Metro Parks officials and police.

Last week, those who lived at a camp in Douglas Park said they were forced to vacate after several fires.

One formerly homeless man said finding a balance between the needs and wants of the homeless community is key.

“They worked with us. If the camps were willing to work, and that's what it boils down to is you got to know the people in the camp, and you got to know who's just wanting to live like that who's wanting the help. So, it's all 3 of them run together,” he said.

The task force will meet every Wednesday until March 2 to talk about what needs to be done.

Members will present their recommendations to the homeless Commission March 4.