Homeless camps flood as rain continues

Posted: 6:57 PM, Feb 20, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-21 01:03:51Z

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The rain finally gave Ciara Christopher a break on Wednesday afternoon but by that time is was already too late. Everything she owned, which wasn't much, had already been destroyed.

Ciara lives in a small tent city in Nashville along the banks of the Cumberland River. When she went to bed on Tuesday night this 26-year-old knew the rain was coming but she didn't realize how hard it would fall. By the time she woke up her entire tent had flooded, along with her sleeping bags, clothes and any other piece of dry clothing she owned.

"I barely had anything as it is and now somehow I'm back to zero again, everything I had is gone," she said.

The homeless camp she lives in seemed to somehow be even drearier on Wednesday afternoon. Standing pools of water exposed small piles of trash that had previously been hiding beneath beds of leaves and dirt. Ciara though says the rain is far from her biggest concern right now.

"We don’t need another high end hotel or a $1,200 a month condo, we need housing that people like us can afford. This city is having a crisis because it’s more and more people that are out here," she said.

Homeless advocates are spending the next few days canvasing other text city to check on homeless residents. They are worried that those who are homeless won't have a chance to dry out before another round of rain moves in. The group Open Table Nashville is looking for donations of tarps and tents.