Hopkinsville Distiller Makes Eclipse Moonshine

Posted at 6:08 PM, Jun 29, 2017

Businesses in the path of this summer's total solar eclipse are already making major preparations for the days leading up to the big event. They're also finding creative ways to cash in on the phenomenon.

At Casey Jones Distillery in Hopkinsville, they're brewing a moonshine unlike any other.

"We partnered with MTSU to send some of our corn into space," said AJ Hays, who co-owns the distillery with his wife. "So we're making limited edition bottles with space corn."

Hays said he came up with the idea to make an eclipse themed moonshine months ago.

"It's 100 proof, guaranteed lights out," he joked.

The distillery is brewing a limited number of bottles, and that's just one way they're celebrating the eclipse.

"On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we'll have music, RV parking, and camping," said Peg Hays. "We'll also have day of viewing."

The distillery is also looking for part time workers to help out during the week leading up to the eclipse. Hopkinsville held it's first ever Solar Eclipse Job Fair Thursday to help the distillery and other businesses prepare for the big event.

The eclipse will cross over Hopkinsville at 1:24 CDT on August 21st.