Hot temperatures can cause cracks and chips in windshields to worsen

busted windshield.jpeg
Posted at 3:56 PM, Jul 22, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — As the temperatures rise, it makes the inside of vehicles even hotter.

These hot temps can cause a chip in windshields to spread, and if it's the back windshield, it can actually burst.

NewsChannel 5 visited Low Price Auto Glass in Nashville where the owner showed one car where this actually happened.

The weather can cause your windshield to break if it is chipped, cracked, or fractured in any way due to the extreme temperature change.

That heat puts pressure on the windshield from the inside out, causing stress — also called a stress crack — on even the smallest damaged areas.

"I believe it's like 105 degrees outside. It's going to be another 10 degrees extra inside that vehicle," said Steven Madanat with Low Price Auto Glass.

The heat from direct sunlight will heat up both the metal and glass of a car — but the metal will heat up faster.

When the metal edges of your windshield heat up faster than the middle of the glass, this can cause stress that leads to cracking.

This is more common with the back window because it's thinner.

"So when it gets too hot, the heat rises, and when the heat rises it just nowhere it goes in that small crack and it will explode," Madanat said.

Also, if the glass cools too quickly, this also can cause stress on the windshield.

Experts recommend that you take your time in cooling your vehicle’s interior.