Housing Boom Takes Over Antioch

Posted at 8:17 PM, Mar 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 21:38:43-05

More developers have started to build new, affordable homes in Antioch creating a huge boom.

Homes in Antioch are on the rise, and for an area that just can't seem to catch a break, a strong comeback is exactly what it needs.

According to Metro Council member Jacobia Dowell that's exactly what's happening.  "Just about all the subdivisions we've had in this area that experienced bankruptcy or a lot of foreclosures, they are now starting to come back more vibrant," said Dowell.

New developers have built in the Ridgeview subdivision. Fox Ridge homes at Summerfield has made a comeback, and developers at Old Hickory Commons can't build fast enough. 

Antioch resident Myra Lebendig just moved in a little over a year ago.  She said it has changed a lot. "There were only these four (townhomes) and now the area is almost completely built up and occupied, and it is growing so fast," said Lebendig.
With all the growth, the value of her place has already increased by $30,000.  Unfortunately, Dowell said traffic will surge too. 

"As we continue to have growth, we know we can't accommodate all the cars on the roads so were going to have to look at sidewalks and bikes lanes and some form of mass transit to enable us to get in and out of the area," she said.

They'll have to act quickly. The ground has been broken for Buckingham, a new mixed use development, to include over a thousand apartments and single family homes on an already congested Bell Road. Yet, residents have welcomed the positive change.

"I wanted a place where I was not the new kid on the block, but that I could be part of the growth," said Lebendig.  "We've gotten the sports arena, the library, Ollies opened yesterday so everything is changing quickly, and it's very exciting."

Councilwoman Dowell also said they've been working on a traffic light synchronization project they hoped to have down Bell Road.  They hoped to ease some of the congestion by regulating the traffic signals.