How Hurricane Ian is impacting travel to the Sunshine State

Posted at 4:37 AM, Sep 26, 2022

(WTVF) — Ian is officially a Category I hurricane and is already impacting travel in Florida. This is a popular time of the year to travel to the Sunshine State, but if you've got plans in place this week to head to Florida should you go?

All major airlines have already issued travel alerts giving people the option to rebook or even get a refund and not be penalized. You can find a list of updated travel advisories here: American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, United, JetBlue and Spirit.

That's because the storm may result in some major flight delays or cancellations and as of right now there's no telling where it might hit.

The forecast cone of uncertainty leaves a 450 mile area where the storm could impact the state including major tourist destinations like Tampa, the Panhandle and potentially even inland and over to Orlando. Airlines want to make sure flyers have the option to stay home.

A state of emergency has been issued for the entire state so no matter where travelers are going this week they're going to feel some kind of affect from Ian.

Cruise ships are also being impacted. They already had to be rerouted because of Hurricane Fiona, and cruise lines are now waiting to see if they'll have to do the same, or whether any ports will be affected.

Ian is expected to strengthen to a major hurricane of Category 3 or stronger by Tuesday.